Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Indicators

Each and every product or service, no matter from which material or technology, lead to an impact on the environment, which may come from its production process or creation, from raw materials it demands or due to its use and end of life. As a result, industries have been investing more in the search for sustainability indicators and for the circular economy, looking for more sustainable relationships with Nature.

ACV Brasil's consultants are focused on helping industries and companies to visualize environmental and socioeconomic impacts along their production chain. In doing so, we provide info and analysis so our customers can gain awareness regarding the most relevant stages to receive an optimization, towards more rational levels of the use of resources and fairer consumption patterns.

Our work covers the life cycle of products and services. We offer consulting and critical review services for any life cycle assessment or circular economy study, as well as support for environmental labelling, software licensing and trainings. We have solid partnerships with PRé Consultants, SimaPro® software developers, LCA leading solution; with ifu Hamburg GmbH, developers of Umberto® NXT, the leader in Materials and Energy Flow Analysis; and with ecoinvent, the most complete life cycle inventory database.

We also follow the progress of the Life Cycle Initiative from UNEP and SETAC and we are founding members of the Brazilian Business Network for Life Cycle Assessment.

Mission Mission

To promote and facilitate the integration of socio-economic and environmental management tools, preferably based on the life cycle concept, in actions and practices of companies and associations. To answer to society's concerns, providing assistance, via public and private sectors, to the systemic assessment of products services and impacts.

Mission Vision

To be recognized, nationally and internationally, as a company committed to global sustainability, effective and focused on generating and transmitting knowledge from socioeconomic environmental assessments of products, processes and services to the involved and interested parties.

Mission Values



The founding partners of ACV Brasil are active members in the spread and assimilation of the life cycle thinking in productive and scientific sectors. This role benefits from the experience in Material and Energy Flow Analysis, mass and energy balances. Our team is built by qualified professionals and researchers of high academic-scientific level.