SimaPro®, developed by PRé Sustainability PRé Consultants, has users in more than 80 countries and it is the most used software for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It is a great tool for gathering data and analyzing the environmental performance of products and services. You can model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way, following the recommendations in ISO 14040 standards.

Launched in 1990, it is a reliable and flexible tool used by large industries, consultancies and universities. Download the demo version.

Versions and features

Currently in version 9, SimaPro® has more than 20 Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods and more than 9 LCI libraries that bring information and data on tens of thousands of processes and products. SimaPro® is available for educational and professional use (business in general or non-educational use). Check below some features available in different versions on the market.

Professional licenses

Educational licenses

Price table

To receive a quotation or to obtain additional information, such as the maintenance of indefinite licenses, get in touch via suporte@acvbrasil.com.br.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the system requirements for installing SimaPro®?

    You can find all the details regarding system requirements for installing SimaPro® on PRé's website.

  • On how many computers can SimaPro® be installed?

    SimaPro® versions are divided into multiuser and single user versions. Only multi-user licenses, in addition to the Faculty version, can be installed on more than one computer. Note that these licenses may require specific equipment, such as a server. Faculty version, exclusive for educational use, is a single user license but can be installed on several computers.

  • My computer was replaced, can I reinstall SimaPro®?

    Yes, you can reinstall SimaPro®. After a proper uninstallation, repeat the installation process from when you purchased the software license. In case you encounter a warning, stating the limit of activations was reached, then it is necessary a written justification about the reason for this new installation.

  • What will I be entitled to on purchasing SimaPro®?

    By purchasing SimaPro® you will be entitled to:
    • License to use the latest version of SimaPro® software, which includes LCI libraries and impact assessment methods, in addition to their features;
    • ecoinvent license, meaining you can use the latest version of the ecoinvent database and have access to additional information and data on ecoinvent website;
    • Service contract agreement giving you access to the joint support of ACV Brasil and PRé Consultants and to software and database updates.

  • Why should I have a Service Contract?

    An active Service Contract allows you to access updates, including new versions of SimaPro® software and its databases. In addition, it offers the support from ACV Brasil and PRé Consultants for clarifying specific doubts and/or solving errors.

  • Can I test SimaPro® before purchasing it?

    Yes, it is possible to test SimaPro® software through demo version. With the help of Wizards, you can get the overall dynamic.

  • Can SimaPro® be installed on Macintosh and Linux systems?

    Provided emulators are being used, enough memory and other associated settings, you can simulate the Windows environment on both the Macintosh and Linux platforms, enabling the installation. However, we cannot guarantee SimaPro® will run properly and cannot provide technical support related to non-Windows platforms.

  • Does the acquisition of the license give me access to trainings?

    In general, training is negotiated separately, but you can request Training Proposals combined with the acquisition of licenses via treinamentos@acvbrasil.com.br.

  • What happens on expiry of temporary versions?

    On expiration, the license becomes a demo version. Data is not lost, but features are severely limited. You can restore the license, either by purchasing new temporary license or by upgrading to an indefinite. Contact us for more information.


How to buy it

Purchasing SimaPro®
  • What are SimaPro® prices? How do I get a quotation and know which option suits me best?

    For more information, contact us via suporte@acvbrasil.com.br.

  • Can I update SimaPro® to a newer version?

    Yes, provided that you have a valid (not expired) service contract.

  • Can I upgrade a temporary license to an indefinite version or from a single user to a multiuser?

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade licenses as mentioned in the question, by paying the remaining amount to reach the desired option and as long as the service contract is not expired. This operation is preferable on service contract renewal, specially when upgrading from single user to a multiuser, as the first year of the service contract for the extra user will be granted for free.

  • How the delivery of SimaPro® occurs?

    After payment confirmation, an email will be sent with registration details and containing guidance on downloading the latest version of SimaPro®.

  • I want to update SimaPro® to a new version. Will I loose data?

    No, regardless of the update you perform, you will still be able to work with the data. It is recommended, however, to make periodic backups.


Service Contract

  • Are service contracts renewed automatically?

    Not really, after the expiration of the chosen period, in the purchase procedure of SimaPro® license, the Service Contract will naturally expire. To continue having access to SimaPro® updates, you will need to renew the Service Contract. Contact us via via suporte@acvbrasil.com.br for additional information.

  • When I purchase a SimaPro® license, does it not include a Service Contract?

    Yes, indefinite licenses include a free year of Service Contract. Temporary licenses include Service Contract with a duration equal to the period of the license.

  • Can I order Service Contract for several years, in advance?

    Yes. You can purchase a Service Contract for up to three years. We offer 5% discounts for a 2-year contract (renewed in advance) and 10% for a 3-year contract (renewed in advance).

  • What happens when I decide not to renew the Service Contract?

    Well, you will stop receiving updates and having access to the support. Renewing at a later stage is possible, but be aware the renewal takes in account expiration date.


Getting started

1. Installation and system requirements
  • How do I install SimaPro®?

    Please follow the Installation Manual, step-by-step.

  • Does SimaPro® use dongles or other material and gadgets to control access?

    No, SimaPro® does not use any equipment to control access, which extinguishes chances of loss or theft. SimaPro® uses a handy and effective activation system.

  • Is it possible to move a database to another place? How?

    Yes, it is possible to change the directoy where your database is stored, both in the Single User version and in the Multi User version
    On Single User version, there are two ways of doing so:
    - backup the database you want to move first. You can do that through SimaPro® at File>Data management>Backup. Having finished this operation, you just have to move the file to the target and restore the database (File>Data Management>Restore).
    - The easiest way is to manually, though, via Windows Explorer. By default, SimaPro® database is stored in C:\Documents andSettings\AllUsers\Documents\Simapro®\Database. There might slight differences between Windows versions. Let's start, close SimaPro first. The folder Database is the one that has to be moved to another directory. We recommend you compress this folder before moving it around. SimaPro® can be opened again after all these steps. Then you need to point the software to the new folder once.
    On multiuser, it is also possible to move databases, however, the new folder must be specified as an alias on SimaPro Database Server. For more information, please check the Installation Manual.

  • Can I install SimaPro® on another computer?

    For single user versions (except Faculty), it is necessary to uninstall SimaPro® on the present computer first. Once this has been done, repeat the installation process performed when you purchased SimaPro®. In case you encounter a warning, stating the limit of activations was reached, then it is necessary a written justification about the reason for this new installation.

  • Is it possible that multiple users from different locations use SimaPro® at the same time?

    Yes, the multiuser version enables multiple users to use SimaPro® at the same time. It is important to note that due to the large amount of data involved in some operations between the client and the server, delays may occur during the use of the software.
    You can also use client-server tools (such as Citrix) or remote access (such as Windows Remote Desktop). Check with yout IT department what is the best option to choose.

  • Where can I find the installation file for the latest version of SimaPro®?

    You can find the files on the SimaPro® installation files page on the PRé Consultants website. Make sure the installation file is correct by checking the version release date (the release date must be inside the timeframe of the Service Contract).

  • Is SimaPro® compatible with Windows 10?

    SimaPro® 9 is fully compatible with Windows 10. In case of any installation errors, please contact us suporte@acvbrasil.com.br.

2. Registering SimaPro®
  • When will I need to register SimaPro®?

    You will need to register SimaPro® on any installation and on Service Contract renewals.

  • The Service Contract has been renewed, will the registration code remain the same?

    No, after the renewal of the Service Contract, a new Registration Code will be sent, and it must be entered in SimaPro®: Help>Register. The Registration Name will remain the same as in the previous Service Contract.
    For the Classroom Multiuser version, you will need to enter the new code on all client licenses. .