e!Sankey® software, da ifu Hamburg GmbH, is an excellent tool for building flow diagrams and creating clear and professional visualizations of data to be inserted in reports and presentations. It is possible to understand the flows of a system by designing representations of system flows, conceiving high quality Sankey diagrams.

A Sankey Diagram is a specific type of flowchart in which the width of arrows is proportional to the amount of the flow. They are used to visualize energy, cost or material transfer between processes, using these different arrows.

Watch the demo video and install the trial version for 30 days.

Get e!Sankey® 4.0, choose e!sankey® pro to get diagrams with live links to Microsoft Excel or e!sankey® calc, which brings exclusive editing features!

If you wish to obtain e!Sankey® with our assistance send an e-mail to suporte@acvbrasil.com.br.