Environmental Labelling

Environmental labeling is the assignment of a label to a product or service to communicate information, in a well-supported method, about its environmental performance, without falling upon greenwashing. 1SO 14020 standards establish three categories of labelling: types 1, 2 e 3. ACV Brasil provides the required support for achieving these labels.

Known as the "green label" for products. It can be used to compare products having similar functions and considers scatter aspects of life cycles. Such labels have multiple criteria and are certified by entities like ABNT and its Ecolabelling Program, which sets criteria and the verification according to certain procedure.

Declarations of environmental aspects executed by producers and manufacturers in its products' label. For example: "recyclable" and "reduced energy consumption". The purpose of this label is to be more specific than undefined expressions such as "green product".

Requires a life cycle study so products can bring in detail the environmental impacts related to each of its components in its packagings. They are also known as Environmental Product Declaration. Drawing a parallel with food products, they resemble nutritional tables, which detail fat, sugar or vitamin contents. These are verified by different systems, such as International EPD System, ACV Brasil partners.

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