e-learning course on e!Sankey

Sankey diagrams are powerful solutions for presenting flows. They play important role in assessing material and energy flows and in exploring costs associated with production processes. Sankey diagrams can be useful in several sectors. On this online course on e!Sankey, we will show you each and every feature of such software. It is being hosted by Hotmart platform and can be started and accessed remotely, at any time. If you want to present your system of flows in an appealing and comprehensive way, Sankey diagrams can help! The main software for creating these representations is e!Sankey. By the end of the training, the participant will be skilled to:

  • Create basic diagrams for easily reading data,
  • Build eye-catching yet complex diagrams,
  • Automate data import from Microsoft Excel sheets, for the users of e!Sankey pro version.
  • Goals of the online course on e!Sankey

  • To introduce the concept of Sankey diagrams and the importance of its use
  • To show every feature on e!Sankey and e!Sankey pro software versions
  • Teach the participant on how to create diagrams from basic to more complex ones
  • Content of the online training on e!Sankey

    Sankey diagrams and applications
    e!Sankey features- Part 1: 101
    e!Sankey features - Part 2: Arrows
    e!Sankey features - Part 3: Processes
    e!Sankey features - Part 4: Additional layout features
    e!Sankey features - Part 5: Data import and diagrams export

    Target audience

    Since Sankey diagrams can be used for many applications, the course targets from professionals to studants from multiple areas of interest. And there is no pre-requisite for learning, because all features will be throughout taught.

    *For participants that do not possess a software license, it is possible to get a demo version of e!Sankey.